This is Virtual Reality.

Shaftesbury VR looks beyond the technology .

Shaftesbury’s success has been about a passion for reaching audiences and a commitment to evolve.
Shaftesbury has always been a leader in media innovation in Canada, and our approach has been to build on our strengths in narrative story creation as we embrace and apply our expertise to new formats and new technologies. Continuing in this tradition, the Shaftesbury VR team has enriched and built on the strengths of the best aspects of entertainment and narrative, by expanding into new formats and technology to reach and captivate and engage new audiences..
Current Games
Shaftesbury focuses on the use of immersive media to relieve stress experienced by children undergoing medical procedures and surgery, and as therapeutic support tools.

Built for kids of all ages, journey through a magical forest, where sight and sound are carefully engineered to engage and induce calm.


Go Under he sea into a lush coral garden, and blow bubble at passing fish. Underpinned by serious software it creates a deep sense of "flow".


Become mesmerized by the lights of the aurora borealis while lighting torches and controlling colour of the northern lights


Welcome to the Lazy River! Enjoy a lazy ride through nature and direct your gaze towards the forest animals. Help them off their lily pad and on to yours!


A virtual interlude focusing on God's unconditional love, it explores faith, hope, love and the human journey in times of stress.


Step into the philosophy of the Zen Garden - a place of health, harmony and balance of nature.

Our Partners
Bridging Content and Technology
Shaftesbury VR looks beyond the technology and focuses on building a good design foundation, and in the hope that they can be apart of creating a more empathetic future. The main focus of their research is to invest more in understanding humanly responsive design along with the engineering practises, policies and tools.
Shaftesbury VR’s design principles and goals are human-centred by building products around the intuitive human interaction.  These design principles are based around two core beliefs: Respect people and do good. With dedication and expert research, Shaftesbury VR has developed a clinically tested, unique game engine that is currently being tested in both the health and education sectors. Applying content from Shaftesbury and presenting kids with individualized experiences, the game engine exponentially expands the world of kids entertainment.
Shaftesbury has taken entertainment technology to a place that has significant benefits for kids and adults, that goes far beyond entertainment for viewing only. Through this immersive marriage of content and technology, Shaftesbury is working to create smart entertainment spaces that contribute to learning and living better.
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