Slasher employs a season-long anthology format, with an overarching mystery storyline that will be resolved upon the season’s conclusion.

The show’s characters, many of whom have mysterious backgrounds  and their own reasons for possibly being the killer are featured, explored, and eliminated from consideration, one by one (either through death or the natural deductive process), until the “all too human” killer and his/her motivations are revealed.

  • Drama
  • 3 Seasons: 24 episodes x one-hour psychological thriller
Who is the Druid?

The anthology series follows a woman who moves back to her home town, where her parents were murdered years before  only for a new ‘executioner’ to begin killing residents for committing the seven deadly sins.

The first season (Slasher: The Executioner) follows The Executioner’s brutal sin-based killing spree in a small town.

Season two (Slasher: Guilty Party) follows a group of friends and the current inhabitants of their former summer camp, isolated by the remote location and the Canadian winter wilderness, as they are stalked by a revenge-seeking killer.

Season three (Slasher: Solstice) follows a killer hunting down the witnesses who did nothing while a young man was murdered in front of their apartment complex.


  • Starring Season 1: Katie McGrath, Brandon Jay McLaren, Steve Byers, Patrick Garrow, Dean McDermott, Christopher Jacot, and Wendy Crewson
  • Starring Season 2: Leslie Hope, Paula Brancati, Lovell Adams-Gray, Jim Watson, Kaitlyn Leeb, Rebecca Liddiard, Melinda Shankar
  • Starring Season 3: Salvatore Antonio, Lisa Berry, Paula Brancati, Gabriel Darku, Erin Karpluk, Dean McDermott, Mercedes Morris, Ilan Muallem, Paulino Nunes, Baraka Rahmani, Joanne Vannicola
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  • DRAMA3 Seasons: 24 episodes x one-hour psychological thriller
  • CREATED BYAaron Martin
  • PARTNERSNetflix | PIickTV | addict TV
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Slasher has been picked Netflix and several markets around the world.

Shaftesbury’s Slasher gets Netflix release

On the heels of its CSA noms, the thriller is now available on the SVOD in multiple markets, including Canada, France and Italy. On the heels of its CSA nominations, the thriller is now available on Netflix in multiple markets, including Canada, France and Italy.
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Production is underway on the third installment of anthology psychological thriller series Slasher.


The third season will premiere on Netflix with an ensemble cast including returning and new faces.
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The past is never dead. It’s not even past.’ That’s the core theme of Season 2 of Slasher


Production will soon wrap on the second chapter of Aaron Martin’s award-winning anthology thriller series Slasher, produced by Shaftesbury, to be called Slasher 2: Guilty Party
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